India has a new WhatsApp update: Solution to forwarding limit




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    Hass K.

    Hello Hussain, many thanks for reaching out. Indeed, the limit is currently 20 for the world and 5 for india. To reduce the impact of this broadcast lists within WhatsApp should be leveraged as much as much as possible, as each can contain 256 individual contacts while itself is considered as 1 recipient when sending.

    That said, we are actually working on exactly what you suggested as we speak: in case the number of selected recipients is larger than the limit, then instead of sending to all at once, it will send in sets of 5 (or 20) and repeat the automation process untill all selected recipients receive the content successfully. Will keep you updated :)

  • Hussain Tin

    Hello Hass,
    Thank you for such an early info. I like your effort and your app as well. Will be looking forward to the update. Thanks a lot.

  • Hass K.

    You are most welcome! And thank you so much for the kind words :)

  • Hass K.

    Hello Hussain, just wanted to let you know that this is done and rolled out in the new update v2.8.8 - let us know if you have any feedback, thanks!

  • Hussain Tin

    Hello Hass K,
    I have tested the feature and it's working great. Thanks again for the amazing update. 👍🏼

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