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Adicionar vários contatos ao grupo de uma vez só



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    SKEDit Support Team

    Hi Dear,

    SKEDit v2.9.8 introduces an exciting new feature: Multi-Contact Selection. With Multi-Contact Selection, you can now select many contacts, at once, as recipients for your scheduled message.

    To learn how to use this feature, please refer to the article How-To use the Multi-Contact Selection feature, and if you still need any assistance do not hesitate to contact us.


    Kind Regards,

    Customer Success Team


  • Tony harion

    I don't think you are talking about the same thing.

    Even in the groups feature, you have to select one contact at a time.

    It would be much easier to be able to select multiple contacts once you are in the groups and do a search


    You get in to the "new group", type your search and have check boxes to dad the contacts instead of having to type you search for every member of the new group...

    That would be awesome!!

    Also to be able to copy a group would be pretty cool...

  • claudiobf

    Hello. The system is great ... But I created a group in it and I don't know how to use it ... Could you help me?

  • SKEDit Support Team

    @Tony, sorry for the late reply must have missed it. Yes you are right, completely understand the use case- we will be implementing it soon.

    @Claudiobf sure! When you are composing a message, select the “group” icon on the right of the recipients bar to open the groups list, then you can select one, and the app will add it to the recipients on the compose screen.
    Let us know if you need anything else, thanks!

  • claudiobf

    Good morning ... I created whatsapp ma group when I will create the message no aoarece i ucibe dis groups. For SMS normal groups appear. What can it be ? Is it the version I use? Thank you...

  • claudiobf

    Correcting ..... Good morning ... I created whatsapp group but when I create the message does not appear the icon of the groups. For SMS appears normal and right the groups. What can it be ? Is it the version I use? Thank you...

  • SKEDit Support Team

    Mmm that is weird, can you send us a screenshot?
    Another way to access groups is if you click on the menu icon, top left of screen, and then click on “groups”

  • SKEDit Support Team

    Email for screenshot: thank you!

  • Francisco Sousa

    Hello @Hass K  Sill waiting for this feature. Is there any news? I really need to add a large number of contacts to a group and selecting one by one its a real pain.


  • Agroclick Cia

    Cuando quedará lista la función de seleccionar varios contactos desde WhatsApp para no seleccionar uno por uno? Cuando

  • Bené Mota

    Também estou com esse problema, o aplicativo é maravilhoso! O que falta mesmo é essa funcionalidade de marcar vários contatos para fazerem parte de um grupo, e não de um por um como está atualmente


  • Arigatô Bistro

    Quando será que já será implementada a opção de selecionar vários contatos de uma vez só? Você tem alguma data prevista?

  • maicon

    Quando será que já será implementada a opção de selecionar vários contatos de uma vez só? Você tem alguma data prevista?



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