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Selecionamos grupos do WhatsApp multiplico



  • SKEDit Support Team

    Hi Davi,

    Are you familiar with the Multi-Contact Selection feature? With Multi-Contact Selection, you can now select many contacts, at once, as recipients for your scheduled message.

    To learn how to use this feature, please, refer to the article How-To use the Multi-Contact Selection feature.

    Note that this feature allows you to multi-select contacts only from WhatsApp's Recent Chats list. So, if you have not sent a message to that contact recently, you won't be able to add it through multi-selection. You can still select that contact alone like you usually do. Another suggestion is to send this contact a message directly from WhatsApp, manually. This way, the contact's chat will show in your WhatsApp's Recent Chats list, and you can then add it to the SKEDit group using multi-selection.

    Note: If you have recently updated your WhatsApp app to you will not be able to use Multi-selection. We will deploy a fix in our next SKEDit update!

    Let me know if anything is unclear. I'd be glad to assist you :)

    Kind Regards,


  • Rasiel Ciervide

    Hi Skedit Support Team, when You Will release new update of the app with the multi-selection contactos/groups error fixed


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