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    SKEDit Support Team

    Hello Dr. Bizeli,

    After investigating in more detail, glad to tell you that we found the source of the issue. The new android OS update introduced new emojis athat are still not compatible with SKEDit. So if any of these new emojis are in the group or contact name, then you will get the error “contact not found” also.

    We are currently working on a fix for it and we will include it in next update. Meanwhile you can simply remove the emoji for it to be successful.

    Super thanks for your help!

  • SKEDit Support Team

    Hello Dr. Bizeli, many thanks for reaching out to us. This error usually occurs due to battery optimisation on some devices automatically disabling accessibility service without notifying you, leading to the behavior mentioned. To fix, could you please try disabling battery optimisation for skedit and try again? This is helpful article on how as it is a bit different depending on device:

    If the issue still occurs after, please share with us a video screen record showing how it happens so we can investigate asap and be able to reproduce on our side, and then fix. Here is a helpful article to have a small video size that can be easily attached and sent:

    Always here to help if you need anything else :)

  • Dr.Ricardo Bizeli

    Thanks for your answer! But the problem is That with only a few contacts This error is displayed


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