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    SKEDit Support Team

    Hello Dear​,


    Thank you for reaching out to us. We're truly sorry to hear that you're experiencing difficulties and we're eager to assist you in resolving this issue promptly.


    To help us understand and address your concern more effectively, could you please provide us with some additional information? Simply send an email to with the following details:

    • The name of your device
    • Your operating system version
    • Your current SKEDit app version
    • A video recording of the entire scheduling process, capturing the specific problem you're encountering.


    A screen recording is incredibly helpful for us to accurately replicate the issue on our test devices and work towards a solution. If you need a tool for this, DU Screen Recorder is a free and user-friendly option available on Google Play.

    For ease of sending, we suggest setting the screen resolution and quality in DU Screen Recorder to 360p / 2mbps. This will ensure the video file is of manageable size for attaching to your email.

    Additionally, DU Screen Recorder allows you to continue recording even when the screen is off, and you have the option to turn off sound recording if you prefer.

    We appreciate your collaboration in this matter and look forward to your response so we can resolve this as quickly as possible.


    Warm regards,

    SKEDit Team.

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