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    SKEDit Support Team

    Hi Dear​,

    Thanks for reaching out to our Customer Success Team; we apologize for the issue you are facing.

    We need to know some more details to better understand your problem. Please, send us an email to with the following info:


    1. Device Name
    2. OS Version
    3. SKEDit version
    4. A video recording of the scheduling, from start, showing the issue you are facing

    The screen recording is very important in order for us to reproduce the issue in our testing devices and apply the necessary fixes.


    You can use Du screen recorder (free on Google Play). To record a video small in size, that can be attached without a hassle:


    1. Go to DU Screen Recorder Settings
    2. Change screen resolution and quality to 360p / 2mbps


    You are good to go! Note that you can also enable it to keep recording even if screen is off and disable sound recording :)


    Thank you in advance,

    Customer Success Team.

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