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Broadcast message not sent.



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    SKEDit Support Team

    Hi Dear,

    Due to recent changes in WhatsApp's latest version, users can no longer forward a message to a Broadcast List. If you go to the WhatsApp app and you try to forward any message from within the app itself, you will notice that you are not able to find that list for selection.

    This update has impacted in SKEDit's automation to Broadcast Lists and SKEDit groups containing a Broadcast List as a recipient. Our team is investigating the issue further; we will surely update if anything changes from WhatsApp's side. Unfortunately, right now, there is no way anymore to schedule a message to a Broadcast List.

    A workaround solution is to use SKEDit Groups. You can create a SKEDit Group and add to it all the recipients that you wish to message at once. The recipients of a SKEDit group can be either single contacts or WhatsApp groups. Note that, with SKEDit Groups a drawback of SKEDit groups is that messaging 256 contacts takes more time than using a Broadcast List.


    We appreciate your understanding,

    Customer Success Team

  • Kirazcreations

    I am also facing the same issue from 1 week. Now if we schedule then at time of sending broadcast message it is not able to see any broadcast.


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