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    Hass K.

    Hi Kirans, many thanks for the feedback. Can you please share with us a video screen record showing what happens during the automation? You can use Du screen recorder and set resolution/quality to 360/2mbps to have a small attachment size that can be easily attached. Thanks!

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    Hass K.

    First thank you very much for the very clear, helpful, and valid feedback. Second we are happy that we have just finalized R&D on this feature, and it is possible. We will start working on it and hopefully complete it by next update v2.8.2.

    Hope this helps. Thanks again and happy scheduling!

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    Thankyou so much for starting this feature in recent uodate But there is a BUG, i selected 20 pictures but it automatically duplicating many pics and because it reached above 30 pics so whatsapp messages failed to send.

    Plz fix this.

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