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    Hass K.

    First thank you very much for the very clear, helpful, and valid feedback. Second we are happy that we have just finalized R&D on this feature, and it is possible. We will start working on it and hopefully complete it by next update v2.8.2.

    Hope this helps. Thanks again and happy scheduling!

  • Kirazcreations


  • kirans

    Thankyou so much for starting this feature in recent uodate But there is a BUG, i selected 20 pictures but it automatically duplicating many pics and because it reached above 30 pics so whatsapp messages failed to send.

    Plz fix this.

  • Hass K.

    Hi Kirans, many thanks for the feedback. Can you please share with us a video screen record showing what happens during the automation? You can use Du screen recorder and set resolution/quality to 360/2mbps to have a small attachment size that can be easily attached. Thanks!

  • Kirazcreations

    Another bug found, in second profile/account of android phone attachments are not working.

    I hope you know we can multiple accounts and guest account in android.

    I recorded a video. How can i post it to you?

  • Hass K.

    Thank you very much! Will get back you in case of any questions, and once we apply a fix will share with you a beta to test it and confirm that it is fixed.

    Many thanks again for your great hell! (Fyi you can email us whenever on

  • Hass K.

    Hi- we tried and are not ablw to reproduce the issues. On the first, Could you try to give is a video for it as well? You can send directly on if over 7mb

    For the second, if you restart device or relaunch skedit would it work?

  • Hass K.

    Hi! After investigation and looking at the video we found thay it's not an issue with our app but the native File Picker is giving ANR on your device so it is a device specific issue. Once you clicks the attach icon then our app goes to pause state and another app (the native file picker) is activated, at this time our app is not running and is not interfering with anything. Only after when you selects a file then our app is resumed.

    To summarise, our app can't hang when users are viewing folders with a lot of files because our app is not the one showing those files.

    Hope this helps!

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