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WhatsApp rules (one person each time)



  • Official comment
    SKEDit Support Team

    Thank you for writing to us. This will now impact SKEDit, this is only related to existing repeatedly forwarded messages to limit the spread of misinformation, when trying to forward within WhatsApp This will not affect newly created messages on SKEDit.

    Hope this helps, have a great day! :)

  • Alexandre


    Thanks for the answer. I am still confused. I am understanding that once I create a message using SKEDit, this will not be a problem even if I send this message to a hundred people. Am I right?

    By the way, why does SKEDit send the message to only 5 people at a time?

    Thanks again and congratulations on the app!

  • SKEDit Support Team

    No worries at all :) thank you so much for the kind words!

    1. What you first mentioned is a new thing introduced by whatsapp only limiting repeatedly forwarded messages from being sent again to more than 5 people

    2. Previously, WhatsApl had set a limit on all new messages to be forwarded to 5 people.. that’s why SKEDit sends in sets of 5 recipients - i.e sends for first 5 recipients, then retry forwarding again, and again, until all recipients are done. This only means that it will take more for SKEDit to send the message, so theoretically yes you can add as many as you want (recipients = individual contacts, whatsapp groups, and/or whatsapp broadcast lists).

    Hope it’s clear now? :)

  • Alexandre

    Thanks a lot!

    Have a nice day!


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