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Can select multiple person or group simultaneously




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    SKEDit Support Team

    Hi Sonesh, just wanted to let you know that this feature is finally released :) When you click on WhatsApp to schedule, you will notice a blue groups icon in the "To" field, click on it and you will be taken to create SKEDit groups containing any type of WhatsApp recipient: individual contact, groups, and broadcast lists. Once you finish creating it, you simply click on it and it will automatically fill all the recipients in the "to" field.
    Happy scheduling! 

  • SKEDit Support Team

    Many thanks So esh! You are right, it would be much easier to have a pre-saved list of the contacts/groups you want to send, and you just select this list. Unfortunately it is not very straightforward, but we have an R&D phase dedicated for it to see how best to do it.

    On the other, you can do this at the moment via the following:
    1. Create “broadcast list” on WhatsApp that includes the contact you repeatedly shedule to
    2. Schedule messages to in skedit to that broadcast list (just make sure to change the default name given to the list first).

    The limitation of this is that you cannot add groups, but at peast for individual contacts this can solve it.

    Many thanks again for your feedback and patience.

  • Simon Hetherington

    Hi,  I am having a similar problem - I want to schedule a message to everybody in my phonebook - about 500.  Creating a group on SKEDit is great but impossible to add all 500 manually - as my phone book is constantly being added to.  Broadcast doesn't work either as only people who have me saved in their phone book will receive it.  So... is there a quick way of adding all my contacts to a SKEDIT group - to schedule individual messages to my phone book?


  • Vijaya Lakshmi

    Happy pongal


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