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Is there a limit on the number of WhatsApp recipients I can schedule a message to?



  • Jal Electricals

    Hi, I am having a similar problem - I want to schedule a message to everybody in my phonebook - about 500. Creating a group on SKEDit is great but impossible to add all 500 manually - as my phone book is constantly being added to. Broadcast doesn't work either as only people who have me saved in their phone book will receive it. So... is there a quick way of adding all my contacts to a SKEDIT group - to schedule individual messages to my phone book?

  • SKEDit Support Team

    Hey there, thank you for writing to us. Currently you can only add one by one in the group (for just the first time), and then add the group itself to the recipients box. There is no limit, it will just take more time to complete the sending.

    That said, we are working on two things:
    1. Allow you to select multiple contacts from whatsapp to add in groups or recipients box
    2. R&D on how to make the sending process faster and in the background

    We will also be introducing a paid version of the app with more functionalities and better process :)


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